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Who should select a Medigap policy?

Who should select a Medigap policy?

 Medigap policies will help Medicare enrollees close the gap between what Medicare will pay for and the costs in which enrollees are responsible. Obtaining Medigap coverage are good ideas for seniors who:

Anticipate potential long-term hospital or frequent stays: Coinsurance, co-payments, and deductibles associated with hospital stays will quickly add up. If enrollees know they will be undergoing surgery or has an chronic condition, Medigap policies will end up saving you money.

Are healthy, but are risk averse: the older people get, the more their chances of experiencing unforeseen health issues increases. Such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack can quickly derail both personal and financial plans. A Medigap plan will help enrollees effectively plan for the unknown.

Travel out if the U.S.A: Medicare policies will cover different services in the U.S. If someone becomes sick or needs to be hospitalized in a different country. Medicare does not cover outside the U.S.A., however; some Medigap policies will offer emergency coverage for medical expenses, which occur in foreign countries.

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