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Medicare In North Carolina

North Carolina Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare in North Carolina is for Senior citizens aged 65 and older, but adults with certain approved medical conditions such as Lou Gehrig’s disease or other qualifying permanent disabilities may also be eligible for Medicare benefits in North Carolina.

Medigap plans in North Carolina are additional options, which are available to North Carolina residents who are enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B. The plans will help enrollees fill in the gaps of the Original Medicare coverage, such as deductibles costs, copayments, and coinsurance. Most states including North Carolina, Medigap plan come in 10 standardized plan choice, and are labeled by letters A through N.

You should sign up for Medigap plans in North Carolina during the six-month period known as Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This will begin when you are both over 65 years of age and are enrolled in Medicare Part B. Medicare beneficiaries may enroll in a plan during this time period without being subjected to medical underwriting.

This means that insurance companies who are offering Medigap plans in North Carolina cannot deny you coverage or restrict plan availability for medical reasons.

If you however; wish to enroll in a Medigap plan in North Carolina after the OEP you might be required to submit a health background for medical underwriting, and could be charged a higher monthly premium, denied coverage, or restricted due to pre-existing conditions.


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