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Medicare’s Open Enrollment is a time Reevaluate plans

NOV 5, 2014 –  Medicare’s Open Enrollment is a time Reevaluate plans
Since Medicare is not a one-size-fits all, and needs do change. Experts say seniors should do their homework each year. This process can be frustrating, but they can take the process on step at a time.

Seniors should take stock of the medications they are taking and where these medications are best covered. They should also take note of the health care providers they are see to make sure they are within their networks. They must also take into account their financial health.

There is however, good news. Medicare Advantage plans and Part B  will cover smoking cessation. This is a comprehensive wellness and health visit as well as obesity counseling and screening. Consumers will also see increases in savings from the donut hole. The gap in medications coverage, which beneficiaries may face throughout the coverage year.

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