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Medicare Plans | Medicare Gov Com | | Supplemental Medicare Insurance | Quotes on Medicare SupplementalsUnderstanding Medicare Plans:

Medicare Gov ComThe federal government, to cover senior citizens who have attained the age of 55 and over, or those with disability and other serious health complications, first introduced Medicare.

However, a health insurance plan you get from a private company to enable you maximize the benefits you derive from Medicare, especially Parts A and B, can be termed as a Medicare plan. The Medicare plans are therefore supplemental plans that enable a member to have a subsidized or an additional means to pay for coverage for health costs. Medicare Gov Com is a parked website.

Under the new Patient Protection and Affordable Health care, those already covered by Medicare or Medicaid are considered covered. However, one can choose to buy a supplemental plan to be able to cover some costs, which may not be covered by the original Medicare.

Medicare often works with other health insurance service providers to provide more coverage for members who enroll in the plans. Part A and B are compulsory in the original Medicare plan. However, if you enroll in one of the Medicare plans, you may have an added means of paying for your medical costs; you actually add another ‘payer’ to your health costs.

Under the new health insurance system, there is an open enrollment season for Medicare that runs from October 15 to December 7 each year.

You can take advantage of the enrollment season to make changes in your Medicare plan and utilize the opportunities and benefits, which come with the new health reforms. Medicare plans can be helpful as long as you adhere to the rules governing the particular plan.

It is important to understand that when you enroll in any Medicare plan, the plan decides the cost you pay out-of-pocket for the services you get. This, however, depends on you pay a monthly premium, whether the plan covers Part B of your Medicare coverage, or whether the plan has annual or additional deductibles.

Each year the plan establishes the amount they charge for their deductibles and services and this may affect what you pay in terms of premiums. Medicare health plans include the Medicare Cost and Savings plan and Demonstration/Pilot Programs, among others (

To understand better what Medicare covers in Parts A and B, you need to know that from the hospital insurance charges it pays up to 80% of in-patient hospital services, post hospital services such as skilled nursing care, home health services and hospice care. Coverage for part B includes medical expenses, Clinical lab services, outpatient treatment and preventive care services.

Having a supplemental Medicare plan enables you to have easier means of paying for your health services. For instance, Medicare part D can take care of prescription drug expenses, which you may not need if you are already covered by a health plan that offers prescription coverage. When you enroll in a Medicare plan, you are likely to get updated regularly through the Evidence of Coverage document or Annual Notice of Change, which you get in the mail to notify you of any change in costs, coverage or service.


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