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Increasing Costs Of Medicare 2017, Increases Necessity Of Catastrophic Coverage For Seniors

As dictated by ObamaCare, (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), by 2017, Part B premiums will increase to $128.00, and there will be a rise in Part B deductibles to $180.

There will be an increase to $1,336, in the Medicare hospital deductible for senior citizens, and at the same time, an increase to $334 for their daily hospital coinsurance. If senior citizens are hospitalized for more than 90 days, ObamaCare dictates an increase to $668 in their per diem coinsurance costs, during 2017 enrollment dates.

These and other ObamaCare enforced Medicare 2017 reforms will force seniors to pay a lot more for coverage, and at the same time will reduce access to medical services and professionals due to payment restrictions for those services and professionals.

What all of this means is that seniors who do not purchase private catastrophic insurance coverage, for Medicare 2017, are taking a huge risk. Seniors should seek local private insurers to gain more information about this important coverage.


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