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Medicare in Florida is part of the federal health insurance program. Florida Medicare is available for eligible individuals aged 65 or older, under 65 with certain disabilities and any age with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure).

Florida Medicare provides coverage for hospital (Part A), medical (Part B), managed care (Part C) also known as Florida Medicare Advantage Plans, and prescription drugs (Part D).

What FL Medicare Choices to you have?

Part A Medicare – The US government insurance plan available to eligble residents nationwide. You might be charged a fee for each health care service, or supplies you receive.

The state of Florida has been getting ready to launch an health insurance exchange separate from Obamacare’s Florida Health Choices

Medigap Insurance – also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance. A supplemental policy would be in addition to your Original Florida Medicare. Medicare pays 80% of what it approves a supplemental policy helps cover the remaining 20%. You may select one of the 10 standardized policies available through private insurance companies.

Florida Medicare Supplemental Plans

Prescription Drug Coverage – Florida Medicare provides prescription drug coverage to all eligible beneficiaries.

Medicare Advantage Plans – A FL Medicare – approved network of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers who have agreed to give health care in return for monthly payments from Medicare. The different plans are:

  • HMO – Health Maintenance Organization
  • PPO – Preferred Provider Organization
  • PFFS – Private Fee For Service
  • MSA – Medical Savings Account

Bluecross Blueshield of Florida

BlueScript for Florida Medicare Part D. This supplemental insurance plan is offered by BlueCross BlueShield of Florida which is a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that contracts with Medicare for monthly payments.

Choices you have in Medicare prescription drug coverage. All Medicare beneficiaries can choose from various Medicare prescription drug coverage options. For example, an option is to get prescription drug coverage through a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, like BlueScript for Medicare – Part D. Or you can get your prescription drug coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers prescription drug coverage. You make the choice. Please check your options in the box above this article.

Medicare in Florida is the major medical insurance plan providing a foundation of health benefits. But it does’t pay 100% of all your medical bills. You are responsible for premiums, deductibles, and co-insurance. The dollar amounts can be quite significant. Therefore, most need some kind of supplemental insurance plan, policy or program to help you fill in these health coverage gaps.


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