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Facts on Medicare Part D

If someone does not have Medicare Advantage plans, which include Part D drug cover, you have to sign up for this plan separately.

You sign up for Part D cover at the same time you sign up for Part B.

Do no delay enrolling, even if you do not regularly take medications. If you wait until later to enroll, you will be charged extra premiums for ever month you waited. The amount of the premium penalties changes each year. Beginning in 2015, people will be charged 1% of $33.13 for each month they are late in beginning Part D. For example, if you wait two years, the extra charge will be 24% of $33.13 or an extra 8.00 each month.

To avoid the penalty without enrolling in Part D is having equivalent medication coverage, which known as creditable coverage, from other sources, such as retiree plans. A plan administrator can inform you if your plan is equivalent.

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