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Can those receiving Medicare work?

Many people who are receiving Medicare wonder if they can work. The answer is, yes. 

Medicare recipients can receive Medicare benefits and still work. They may work for transition period  under ticket to work or Social Security’s work incentives programs.

There are three time frames you must understand. The first, the trial work period, is a nine-month period during which you may test your ability to work and receive full Medicare benefits.

The second, is the extended period of eligibility. For 36 months, you may still collect Medicare benefits in any month you are not earning substantial benefits generally considered anything over $1,070 each month or $1,800 if you are vision impaired.

Finally, you mat still receive free Medicare Part A benefits and pay premiums for Part B for at least 93 months, after your nine-month trial period if you still qualify as being disabled. 

If you want to continue receiving Part B benefits you must request it in writing. 

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